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Arctic Blast Antistat Freeze Spray
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Arctic Blast Antistat – 10oz

Arctic Blast™ Antistat Freeze Spray is engineered for locating thermal intermittent electrical components or cooling printed circuit boards with minimal static generation.  It is formulated with HFO-1234ze, a new material that has a significantly lower global warming potential (GWP) than previously used materials.  Arctic Blast™ Antistat is nonflammable, residue-free and provides fast cooling action.


  • Pinpoint spray that isolates individual components without freezing surrounding areas
  • Antistatic formulation ideal for use on static sensitive components
  • Non-frosting
  • Rapidly cools components to -49 °F/-45 °C
  • Filtered to 0.2 microns – Ultra high purity
  • Low GWP of <1 - Low global warming impact when compared to typical freeze sprays
  • Plastic Safe – Will not harm plastics when liquid is sprayed onto circuits
  • Non-Flammable – Safe to be used around electronics
  • Low Toxicity – Safe to be used in a well ventilated area
  • Filtered to 0.2 microns – Ultra high purity, cleanest spray
  • Short Atmospheric lifetime – Material will break down and be eliminated from the atmosphere quickly


  • Cool Equipment for Testing
  • Dissipate Heat While Soldering or Desoldering
  • Isolate Thermal Intermittent Components
  • Test Circuit Traces for Continuity and Stress Fractures
  • Track Static Sensitive Components
Weight 0.89 kg
Size 10 oz. aerosol
Shelf Life 10 years